All packages are customizable to your needs. Services include: 

  • Social Media Profile Setup
  • 3-28 Posts/Updates per week
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Content Creation
  • Product Photography
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Profile Management
  • Follower Acquisition
  • Monthly Strategy Meeting
  • Monthly Analysis Report

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t what it used to be. Nearly 80 percent of small to medium businesses are currently using social media platforms to give their brands an online presence. But that doesn’t mean 100 percent of those on social media are doing it well. A brand or businesses’ presence on social media is determined by many factors, and if you don’t have a good influence, good reviews or good quality content, you are facing an uphill battle when it comes to converting your social media footprint into new business or sales for your company.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

That’s where Klenk Marketing Solutions comes in. If you’re stuck or lost when it comes to how to market your business using today’s social media trends, you’re not alone, but you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help, either. Social media marketing is so much more than writing Facebook and Twitter posts and liking and favoriting a comment every now and then. Today’s world of social media marketing is constantly changing, and KMS strives to be on the cusp of each change with the information in hand we need to help you be successful with your social media marketing campaign.

In layman’s terms, social media marketing is how you gain website traffic and traction through your presence on social media sites. When you go deeper into the methods KMS uses for social media marketing, you’ll see more of how we can help you change the way you do business.

Target Your Online Audience

In today’s world, social media marketing is used as “word of mouth.” Gone are the days when people are sitting around gossiping about the ads they saw on television or in the newspaper. Today, it’s all about getting things on demand and soliciting and immediate response or action. KMS works hard with our clients to get that “word of mouth” going online and make sure you are trending in the right direction with your target audiences. KMS can help you build awareness for your brand on social media and help maintain loyalty.

Maintain Brand Loyalty

In order to help you build your brand and maintain loyalty, KMS can help you with the following:

  • Measurable goals through tracking, analytics and impression scores
  • Integration of social media posts and SEO optimization
  • Identifying trends with audience base and altering social media strategy to correspond with the trending topics of your key audience
  • Creating a brand voice for your company online and integrating the voice in your website and online presence

Social media marketing is already in place in many businesses, but just because you have a Facebook page doesn’t mean you’re helping yourself in the marketplace. KMS can help you maximize your online presence and make sure you’re staying up-to-date with today’s online trends.


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